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Investing in an AED: What is a life worth?

Post by Cornelius Bennett


AED Investment

“What is a life worth?” It is impossible to answer. A life is priceless. We are not guaranteed a thing. Not even the next breath. We should be grateful for every moment we are allowed to spend with our family and friends, and owe it to them, and ourselves, to do everything possible to assure we don’t check out before our time. We try to eat healthy, exercise, drive the speed limit and much more to extend our time on this earth. Why not take the time to set up an AED program and take preventive measures against cardiac arrest? Why not make the investment in the lives of our fellow citizens: sons, daughters, mothers, fathers and friends. Sudden cardiac arrest doesn’t have to be a death sentence. By investing in an AED, you can improve a victims chance of survival up to 80%. SCA does not discriminate. It strikes the young, just like the old. Male, as well as female. Do what you can to deploy AEDs throughout your community.

Richland, WA School District never expected to see dividends from their purchase of Cardiac Science AEDs this summer…at least not this soon. Continue reading

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