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President of DXE Medical Discusses the Defibrillator Market

Tech Nation

Matt Spencer, President of DXE Medical, Inc. was featured in this month’s TechNation Roundtable discussion, talking about trends in the defibrillator market and advising healthcare providers with strained budgets on how to provide the best defibrillator care.  TechNation is a monthly magazine that serves as resource guide for over 12,000 medical equipment service professionals.  Spencer participated in the discussion about defibrillator equipment alongside representatives from other organizations like Zoll Medical Corporation and Progressive Medical International.  Continue reading

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High-tech iPhone Case with Built-in EKG Monitor is Approved by FDA

Alive Core

AliveCor has been developing a smartphone case and app called the AliveCor Heart Monitor that is designed to produce an EKG when held in the user’s hands.  All the user has to do is press the fingertips of each hand against the sensors and the case communicates wirelessly with the app and sends the data to a site that stores and tracks all EKG ratings. Continue reading

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