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Opioid Overdoses and Cardiac Arrest



EMS responders play a critical role in the treatment and, potentially, the prevention of the opioid epidemic we face today. Due to the staggering amount of deaths to opioid overdoses, it has been deemed a public health crisis. Opioids are responsible for decreasing the sensation of pain for the user by stimulating certain receptors in the brain. The lack of any perceived pain induces a feeling of euphoria- the feeling chased by opioid abusers.

The umbrella of opioids include heroin and several prescription painkillers such as methadone, oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine and fentanyl. During an opioid overdose, the patient experiences difficulty breathing and often respiratory arrest. Unfortunately, following respiratory arrest, a common secondary outcome of an opioid overdose occurs: cardiac arrest.

EMS responders often use naloxone which reverses the effects of opioid overdose, making it possible for the patient to breathe again. This drug is time sensitive and administering it can be a risky decision. Naloxone can prompt narcotic withdrawal symptoms and if it is administered too aggressively, the patient may have violent reactions. Since cardiac arrest frequently follows respiratory arrest, it is important to check the patient’s pulse and have an AED nearby in case the patient needs to be resuscitated. It is important to abide by the local rules if you have to administer naloxone to a patient in cardiac arrest.

With the help of properly and safely administered naloxone and timely use of an AED, many lives can and will be saved. EMS responders play a vital role in helping to decrease  opioid overdoses every day. With the proper rehabilitation and education opportunities, this public health crisis may, one day, be less prevalent.

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DXE Medical Acquires Cardio Partner Resources

March '17 - Welcome CPR Image

DUBLIN, Ohio, March 6, 2017 – DXE Medical, Inc., a Sarnova company specializing in sales and service of cardiac care products, announced today that it has acquired Cardio Partner Resources, LLC.  The acquisition further strengthens DXE’s cardiac care offering to customers, with the addition of nationwide CPR/AED/first aid training, program management services and a full assortment of AEDs and cardiac care products.

Cardio Partner Resources is the leading independent training business in the United States.  The company provides a full line of certified CPR/AED/first aid training classes for both the lay and professional rescuer.  Founded in 2005, Cardio Partner Resources works with and trains the nation’s largest employers, including the top retail pharmacy chains.

“With the addition of Cardio Partner Resources, we are well‐positioned to realize our vision of delivering the best integrated cardiac event preparedness solution to our customers,” said Jeff Prestel, president and CEO, Sarnova.

Brian Leonard, president of Cardio Partner Resources, will continue to lead the company’s training team, comprised of more than 350 certified instructors nationwide.

“Cardio Partner Resources is excited to help build upon the outstanding reputation of DXE Medical. This partnership will enable both organizations to support our customers’ AED, training, and program management needs on a nationally recognized platform,” said Leonard.

DXE’s General Manager Reuben Dickenson added, “We will now have a more complete set of solutions for our customers who seek to save lives by being prepared for cardiac arrest scenarios. Cardio Partner Resources’ training and program management, coupled with DXE’s device sales, service and recertification capabilities, provides a much wider range of offerings and solution capabilities for the marketplace.”  

About DXE Medical DXE Medical specializes in providing sales and service for both new and recertified products including AEDs, monitor/defibrillators, and other medical equipment and accessories to care providers and businesses across the nation. Through manufacturer‐certified biomedical technicians, DXE provides factory recertification, preventive maintenance, extended warranty and general repair. For more information, visit

About Cardio Partners Resources Cardio Partner Resources provides nation‐wide, onsite training in CPR, first aid and the use of AEDs. It sells AEDs and related products and provides program management services related to AEDs. Cardio Partner Resources works with each client to determine the best training and product solution to meet their budgets, needs and expectations. For more information, visit

About Sarnova Sarnova is the leading national specialty distributor of healthcare products in the emergency medical services (EMS) and acute care markets. The company is comprised of four major business units:  Bound Tree Medical, DXE Medical, Emergency Medical Products and Tri‐anim Health Services. Sarnova is a company of Water Street Healthcare Partners, a strategic investor focused exclusively on the health care industry. For more information, visit


DXE Media Contact: John Bryson, Director of Sales & Marketing:  866‐349‐4363 ext. 7225,


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DXE Medical Acquires FASTEX AED to Distribute AEDs Nationwide


FASTEX Press Release Blog

DUBLIN, Ohio, December 1, 2016 – DXE Medical, Inc., a Sarnova company specializing in sales and service of cardiac care products, has acquired First Aid and Safety of Texas, Inc. (FASTEX AED). The acquisition enables DXE to expand its offering of cardiac care products, service and training through a dedicated field sales force, as well as through its online channels.

DXE distributes new and recertified defibrillators, monitors, AEDs and services to care providers. FASTEX AED specializes in AED sales, AED program management and CPR training. “This pairing positions DXE for strategic long-term growth by expanding our sales force to sell AEDs to a broader customer base, specifically in the public access and alternate care channels,” said Jeff Prestel, president and CEO, Sarnova.

Michael Riggs, EMT-paramedic and veteran, who has worked in the AED industry for more than 25 years, will lead the new field-based sales organization. “Because we are on a mission to increase access to defibrillators everywhere in order to save lives, we are joining forces with DXE Medical. We have the utmost confidence in DXE because they, like FASTEX AED, are dedicated to helping our customers save lives every day,” said Riggs.

“Customers will benefit from DXE’s expanded suite of products and services through this acquisition,” said DXE’s General Manger Reuben Dickenson. “Our sales force will provide a full assortment of products, services and cardiac event product recertification.”
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