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Exclusive 2nd Life Series®  

Welcome to the 2ndLife Series® brought to you by DXE Medical, Inc. and 2ndLife Biomedical®

 In today’s economic climate, more and more decision makers are considering the purchase of used equipment in lieu of new. DXE Medical believes pre-owned equipment is an excellent alternative for most, if not all, customers in all markets. We know you must be certain that you can depend on this equipment as if it were new.  You deserve the same purchase support for a used item as you would expect when buying a new model. But how can you tell if you are getting a quality device from an established, experienced, and fully-insured company?

There are many companies that sell refurbished equipment. But what does “refurbished” actually mean? Is the device simply wiped down and turned on to see if it is functional? Or do factory-certified technicians put it through the same rigorous testing utilized by manufacturers to ensure it meets the exact specifications that were required of it when it came off the assembly line?

With DXE Medical’s 2ndLife Series®, you can rest assured that your device does not fall under the loose definition of “refurbished”, but is actually completely recertified to adhere to all of the manufacturer guidelines and specifications. Here are a few key benefits of the 2ndLife Series® devices that distinguish DXE Medical from other resellers in the marketplace:

Only factory-trained technicians test and maintain our 2nd Life Series devices. While many biomedical technicians are capable of working on a wide array of equipment, we have invested the time, money, and effort to get our technicians trained and certified at the manufacturer’s factory. These include Physio-Control, Zoll Medical, GE Healthcare, Welch Allyn, and South Pacific Biomedical.

DXE Medical only uses current, state-of-the-art testing equipment from Fluke and BCI to scrutinize how each parameter of your device performs. These devices are regularly calibrated and maintained according to the factory recommendations. Your tested device will include a calibration sticker attached to the device and a results sheet for your records at your request.

When you purchase a pre-owned car, you don’t want it to feel or appear like it is used. The same goes for your medical equipment. Your 2nd Life Series device is painstakingly detailed (think Q-Tips and toothpicks) to ensure your device is as close to out-of-the-box new in appearance as possible. We then put only new electrodes and batteries on every device (something not all resellers do).

DXE Medical carries full liability coverage that extends to the equipment we sell. We have carried this coverage since we were founded in 1999, without ever filing a claim. We take the recertification process seriously and you can count on us to treat your device as if our own lives depended on it.

DXE Medical is an authorized distributor in good standing for every line we carry. Want proof that we know what we are doing? We will be glad to put you in touch with a representative from the company that makes the device you are considering purchasing.

As you can see, selling pre-owned medical equipment is a serious business and deciding on which company to purchase from is a vital decision. If peace of mind and premium recertified equipment are priorities of yours, look no further for a partner in your purchasing decision. 2nd Life Series. ONLY from DXE Medical. 

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