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Check the Return Policy Before You Buy!


30 Day

These days, buying online is as normal as shopping at the mall 20 years ago. It has become a standard practice in our behavior; one that we rarely give a second thought. With online giants like and having very generous return policies, most of us assume that most, if not all, companies have the same, accommodative terms. This is a big mistake. One of our sales people came across a competitor’s website looking for differences in their offering versus ours. It didn’t take long. While not blatantly advertised, we found that this company’s return policy was ONE DAY! One day grace period???  I don’t even open my mail until it’s been on my desk for three days! Continue reading

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Over 250 Years of Experience Under One Roof

DXE Medical, Located in Brentwood, TN

DXE Medical – Located in Brentwood, TN

There are several companies across the U.S. that sell refurbished medical equipment. Some are top notch; some are not. So how does a customer determine from what company they should buy a refurbished AED, defibrillator or other medical device? Some of the factors should be reputation, resources, relationships and experience. This post will be about the importance of experience. I was curious about the number of years of industry experience possessed by our 40 employees at DXE. After a quick poll, the total exceeded 250 years! Continue reading

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