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When Were Your Defibs Last Tested?

DXE Service

Defibrillators and AEDs are devices you depend on to save lives and should always be treated as such. Too often unfortunately, equipment is not checked or serviced until a problem arises, which at that point may be too late and facilities may run the risk of liability issues. In order to prevent medical device malfunction, DXE Medical’s biomed team, 2nd Life Biomedical can provide the support you need to cover your equipment by offering preventative maintenance and calibration in addition to repair services.

All 2nd Life biomedical technicians are trained and certified by the manufacturers of the equipment they work on.
By testing your equipment with the latest Fluke testing devices, our biomed team will inspect your equipment and run diagnostics to ensure it is operating effectively and within manufacturer set parameters, as well as in compliance with state regulations.

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In the event we discover a repair issue with your unit, our loaner program is one more link in the partnership chain we have with each of our customers. This value-added program is available at a minimal charge to all customers, whether your device was purchased from DXE or not. While your unit is with us, the loaner program provides you with a replacement unit so you are not left without the life-saving equipment you need.

When you rely on your equipment for your business, being without it is not an option.

Give us a call today at 866-349-4363 and take advantage of the benefits that DXE Medical’s 2nd Life service department has to offer:

• Peace of mind know your equipment will work properly every time
• Extend the life of your devices
• Avoid costly unexpected repairs (some internal circuit boards can cost up to $3,000)
• Prevent liability issues
• Loaner program available

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