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DXE Medical, Located in Brentwood, TN
DXE Medical – Located in Brentwood, TN

There are several companies across the U.S. that sell refurbished medical equipment. Some are top notch; some are not. So how does a customer determine from what company they should buy a refurbished AED, defibrillator or other medical device? Some of the factors should be reputation, resources, relationships and experience. This post will be about the importance of experience. I was curious about the number of years of industry experience possessed by our 40 employees at DXE. After a quick poll, the total exceeded 250 years!

DXE is proud of our experienced sales and customer service teams, but our crown jewel is our 10-person team of biomed personnel. Our people are ex-GE, ex-military, factory-trained wizards of their craft. This support is absolutely necessary to our customer base, as it should be. Every medical distribution company wants to grow. But few have the essential biomedical staff to support their current base, much less grow it.

As DXE has grown in sales over the last 15 years, so has our support structure. Put simply, the more equipment you sell, the more equipment on which you must work. Here are some questions customers should ask when looking to purchase refurbished medical equipment:

• Was the equipment refurbished by the seller, or someone else?
• Is the seller set up as an “authorized distributor” of the manufacturer they are selling?
• Does the seller have technicians trained at the factory of the equipment being sold?
• Does the seller use factory parts?
• Does the seller carry sufficient insurance to cover the failure of a life-saving device?
• What happens if my machine breaks? Explain, in detail, the process.
• Does the seller have a loaner program that will prevent my organization from going without a device in the event service is needed?

DXE Medical was founded in 1999, and has grown from a 500 square foot workspace with one employee, to a 27,000 square foot building with 40 employees. 25% of the entire DXE workforce is dedicated to the service of the products we sell! We hope that shows our focus on serving our customers, instead of focusing on a new customer that we cannot properly serve.

Matthew Spencer
DXE General Manager

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