Cardio Partners: Your One-Stop Solution for Cardiac Care & a Heart-Healthy New Year!

Together, let’s make 2018 a year full of cardiac-conscious, heart-smart decisions.

Cardio Partners is the nation’s leading  one-stop solution for complete cardiac care. Our team of highly-skilled CPR trainers and emergency preparedness instructors, factory-trained technicians, and our AED Compliance Management system all work together to serve hundreds of thousands of clients and to service thousands of life-saving cardiac emergency devices.

We offer a range of emergency prevention services to clients in all 50 states including CPR training, Emergency Preparedness, cardiac emergency equipment sales, end-to-end training, AED compliance management, and consultations. Cardio Partners supports more than 40,000 organizations including schools, nonprofits, local businesses, and Fortune 50 companies.

CPR Training

Did you know that approximately 90% of cardiac arrests are fatal? At Cardio Partners, we’re doing all that we can to reduce the number of Americans who die each year from cardiac arrest. Because performing immediate CPR can double or even triple a heart attack victim’s chance of survival, we offer nationwide CPR training.

CPR Training

Cardio Partners is a national training center with more than 500 qualified instructors across the country. Our courses are offered through Cardio Partners, the American Red Cross, and the American Heart Association. Because we understand the need for flexibility and the importance of keeping costs down, we offer both traditional classroom instruction as well as blended learning which includes online classes and hands-on live skills sessions.

Service & Sales: AEDs, Defibrillators, EKGs, Vital Signs Monitors and More

In addition to CPR training, First Aid, and AED certification, we proudly sell and service all FDA-approved brands of AEDs and accessories. We also offer new and recertified defibrillators, vital signs monitors, infusion pumps, pulse oximeters, and more.  All of our equipment comes with a full warranty.

Our in-house service department is fully staffed by factory-trained biomedical technicians. We deliver the highest quality of service, recertified and OEM parts, and we’re pleased to offer the most competitive labor-repair rates in the country. While your equipment is being serviced, we’ll even provide you with a free loaner*. On-site technician services and preventative maintenance plans are also available**.

Compliance Management

Already have an AED? Good for you! Make sure that your AED is emergency-ready and in compliance with our user-friendly Compliance Management System. Each year, out-of-compliance AEDs cost lives and lead to unnecessary lawsuits. The easiest and safest way to keep your equipment up-to-date is with our AED Compliance Management system. Our online system allows you to monitor medical direction, ensure the physician’s prescription for your AED is current, conduct monthly equipment checks, and most importantly, save lives.

Cardio Partners Cardiac Preparedness Consultation Services

As a leader in the cardiac preparedness industry, it’s our goal to provide you with both the knowledge and the tools you need to respond quickly, confidently, and skillfully in the event of a critical emergency. We take a collaborative and consultative approach to make the right recommendations for your organization. Our experienced team will conduct a thorough site assessment and we’ll take into consideration in the number of potential rescuers, risk factors, and your budget to determine your equipment needs.

To schedule CPR or First Aid training, to learn more about our Compliance Management system, or to arrange for a consultation, please contact Cardio Partners at (855) 233-0266 or email us at


*   Upon availability, we do not have all models. 1 Free per customer. Can request more for a fee.
**On-site technician services are determined on the basis of the number of units
being serviced may not be available to all customers.

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