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30 Day

These days, buying online is as normal as shopping at the mall 20 years ago. It has become a standard practice in our behavior; one that we rarely give a second thought. With online giants like and having very generous return policies, most of us assume that most, if not all, companies have the same, accommodative terms. This is a big mistake. One of our sales people came across a competitor’s website looking for differences in their offering versus ours. It didn’t take long. While not blatantly advertised, we found that this company’s return policy was ONE DAY! One day grace period???  I don’t even open my mail until it’s been on my desk for three days!

Buying a medical device or accessories isn’t the same as buying stationary or razor blades. It is a thoughtful, and sometimes intimidating, process. You deserve a partner in the transaction, not an adversary. DXE and’s return policy is 30 days, regardless of the issue. We want our customers to feel good about working with us, and confident that we are not here to “get your money” one time. That policy is short-sided and unsustainable. We want to be your partner for life, and that means treating our customers, and their transactions, with respect and understanding. In 16 years of doing business, DXE has never been sued. We live and operate by the mantra that the customer must be taken care of. If that isn’t priority number one, the business is doomed to fail.

Before buying anything online from a vendor that you are unfamiliar with, do your homework:

1. Check the return policy (you may be shocked)
2. Be certain that the vendor is an authorized distributor for the product that you are purchasing
3. Send an email or make a phone call (a quick, simple interaction will usually tell you whether or not you want to do business with the other party).

In the age of the internet, make sure you are doing these basic things to protect yourself from the less reputable medical equipment dealers on the web. You can view our full return policy here.

Matt Spencer
General Manager

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