End of an Era for the ‘Golden’ Lifepak 500 AED

Post by Donovan Sievers


LifePak 500

Some would call the Lifepak 500 AED built by Physio-Control the ‘Golden’ AED, not just because of its vibrant color, but because of the major success and popularity the unit has achieved over the years.  For many people that have worked in the health care field the Lifepak 500 AED is one of the most recognized and well trusted pieces of medical equipment they could have ever used.

First introduced in 1997, it was a market leader in the technology that it could provide to sudden cardiac arrest victims. Escalating energy up to 360 Joules was a great advantage Physio brought to the industry, and to this day no other AED manufacturer has that ability. Other advantages that were also incorporated into the unit include cprMAX technology, patented by Physio to help increase the effectiveness of CPR and AED use, and Biphasic waveform therapy.

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Welch Allyn Gets Creative and Wins Big

Post by Donovan Sievers


MarCom Awards 2011

This past week the winners of the MarCom awards were announced. The MarCom Awards recognize individuals and companies that push the boundaries of creativity and strive to bring new life to advertising. Categories include the writing and design of print and visual materials, as well as audio and web design.

Welch Allyn had several entries and won 4 awards. The most prestigious award was for their ‘Beacon – A Show of Hands’ project. Over 600 Welch Allyn employees participated in the day of community service, where employees spread out across New York State and helped local organizations and businesses spruce up through landscaping, painting, or putting together homeless care packages. Welch Allyn manufacturers health care and other life saving equipment, such as the Spot Vital Signs monitor and ECG devices.

This shows Welch Allyn is committed to improving the community they live and work in. Corporate social responsibility is part of the culture at their company and many other companies could take a lesson from them. The awards are judged and awarded by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (AMCP). The AMCP is one of the most prestigious and well known marketing associations in the country.

Dixie Medical Inc. carry’s the full line of Welch Allyn products. It’s hard to go into a Dr’s office and not find at least one item that was made by them. Quality products have driven their success and they stand behind what they do. For more information on Welch Allyn products please contact us.



Cardiac Arrest Abroad

Post by Donovan Sievers


According to new market research, deployment of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) globally is at an all-time high and expected to continue to increase.

The United States is the leader in AED deployment, accounting for about 66% of the world market. This is mainly due to the dramatically large number of Sudden Cardiac Arrests (SCA) emergencies that take place in our country each year (Over 300,000!) and because of legislative intervention to help expand their availability. Increasing access to AEDs along with CPR is the only way to help increase survival rates for someone that suffers from cardiac arrest.

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