“Call to Shock” Time

Post by Becky Becker


Call to Shock Time


What does Sudden Cardiac Arrest and the following cities have in common:  Seattle, Houston, Boston, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Rochester?

These are cities that were among the first that were willing to take an honest and careful look at their EMS response time and began using new technology and creative approaches to measure and shave seconds from that time. The resulting statistics reflect more lives saved.

The Mayo Clinic has documented research that shows that a victim of SCA has about 6 minutes to live.  A shock with an AED (automatic external defibrillator) within that time usually will restore the heart’s rhythm and save that life.


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Philips Heartstart FR3 Release

Post by Nathan Hysmith
Philips FR3

After receiving clearance from the FDA, Philips has recently launched their latest product to battle sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) victims…the Philips Heartstart FR3.  Professional responders who purchase this automated external defibrillator (AED) will benefit from the smallest and lightest professional-grade AED in the market.  Utilizing a heavy-duty protective case, the FR3 was designed to simplify saving lives.  As with any AED, before purchasing the FR3, one must receive a prescription and purchase medical direction.  Most distributors sell both of these add-ons with the unit.

In the United States alone, SCA claims over 300,00 lives per year making it one of the top causes of death in the country.  The heart rhythm most often associated with SCA is called ventricular fibrillation and is treated with defibrillation along with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).  However, practicing CPR alone without defibrillation cannot restore a normal cardiac rhythm.  In fact, few attempts to resuscitate an SCA victim are successful after 10 minutes with no defibrillation.

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Rapid City Cardiac Arrest Save

Post by Justin Darby
Rapid City Cardiac Arrest Save

Jeff Seamans was riding in his car through Rapid City, South Dakota, when without warning, he was struck with Sudden Cardiac Arrest.  Jeff’s unresponsiveness prompted his wife & stepdaughter to immediately call 911.  Three Officers arrived on the scene within a few minutes.

The first officer arrive was Kathleen Callery, followed by Officer Chris Hunt and Officer Michael Frybarger. Officer Callery began CPR compressions while Officer Frybarger brought the Philips HeartStart FRx AED to the scene.  As soon as Office Frybarger attached the electrode pads to Jeff’s chest, it began to analyze for a shockable rhythm.  The Philips FRx AED took a brief 13 seconds to analyze and then administered a shock to Jeff’s chest…. Continue reading “Rapid City Cardiac Arrest Save”