Zoll X Series Saves a Life

zoll x series

Steve Smith was shopping at the Market Basket grocery store in Tilton, New Hampshire, when he suddenly collapsed before the checkout line.  A volunteer firefighter was also shopping in the store and went to see what was wrong.  When he saw that it was cardiac arrest he began CPR while store personal called 911.  Jon Powell, an off-duty firefighter was driving nearby and heard the call so he swung into the store and rushed to help the other rescuer. 

Soon the Tilton-Northfield Fire and EMS Department (TNFD) crew arrived.  With them was the recently purchased Zoll X Series Monitor/Defibrillator.  It had never been used.  Also with them was a new AutoPulse Cardiac Support Pump, which is a pad the patient is placed on and then secured with an adjustable strap.  The equipment then inflates and deflates to provide consistent CPR compressions and makes it easier to move a patient while continuing the procedure.

Once the TNFD crew had Smith hooked up to the X Series, they were able to see all vital signs and data displayed on the monitor and then could send all that information via WiFi to the local hospital.  Captain David Hall was one of the responders and commented that the X Series could start as an automatic external defibrillator and then change to whatever mode they want depending on the situation.  He also said that the Zoll support pump prevents things like cracked ribs which often happens with CPR and provides 30 percent more compressions and better flow to the heart.

Hall commented that good manual CPR from Powell was a major contribution till they could arrive with all the equipment.  Once they arrived and hooked up the X Series, they saw accurate read outs and were able to shock Smith several times to bring back a heart rhythm.  Because of the care and technology, the responders said that Smith was alert and even able to say a few words while they were still in the ambulance.

Hall and Powell said that they were very pleased with how the new Zoll equipment performed.  They said that that and immediate CPR were the biggest factors in saving Smith’s life.  Smith was transported to the hospital where he underwent further care.  He is now out and home doing well.  He said that he is very grateful to be alive and that it wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for the immediate care and the new equipment.




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