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DXE Medical, Inc. - Customer Service

When you "do business" with DXE Medical (established 1999), your purchase signifies the beginning of what we consider to be an ongoing partnership.

We are a stocking distributor for all the major manufacturers – one of few in the country. Our customers cover a wide spectrum, from individuals to first responders, public access and major hospitals.  Our experienced (over 70 years of combined experience in our industry) sales team will answer all of your questions, make recommendations on appropriate options, and offer the best pricing in the industry.  From there, Customer Service takes over.  We all understand the real value in not only good customer service, but excellent customer service and we take that very seriously.   Your purchase is not the end of the transaction but the beginning of the partnership you will come to trust and depend on with DXE.

We offer a comprehensive line of new products, as well as re-certified medical devices. In today’s economic climate, more and more decision makers are considering the purchase of used equipment in lieu of new. DXE Medical feels pre-owned equipment is an excellent alternative for most, if not all, customers in all markets. Medical devices are supported for a finite number of years, and we support your new and used purchase for the duration of the manufacturer support and beyond. The lifetime value of re-certified equipment should be a consideration during the purchase process. Let us help you compare the cost savings to determine whether or not buying re-certified product is the best decision for you

We offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on equipment you purchase from us if for any reason you are not satisfied. We do this because we want to assure you that we stand behind our products service. Compare our 30-day policy to that our competitors. Some may offer this, but we have the references to prove it.

All of our products and devices are tested by factory-trained personnel and provided with a warranty, including an optional extended warranty program. We provide detailed tracings to our manufacturers and adhere to their softrict testing guidelines.

Our Service Team brings a total of 72 years of experience to the table. They are committed to promptly responding to any questions or resolving any issues you may have. We have a licensed biomedical engineer on staff. When you purchase one of our medical devices, our Loaner Program and can send you another unit overnight if your unit needs service (this is free of charge for as long as you own your equipment). We also have a 24 hour line in the event you have an issue that requires after hours attention.

Our Email Reminder program assists you in ensuring that your accessories - pads and batteries – are replaced prior to expiration. This is an important compliance requirement. You will receive an email 60 days prior to any expiration dates on pads or batteries you have purchased from DXE Medical, and you may easily purchase these accessories on our website or by calling or emailing us. You need to keep us updated on any changes in medical equipment manager personnel so that we have the right email address to send this important notification.

Manufacturer Information – we trace all of our devices. Occasionally, it is necessary to communicate important information from the manufacturer to the end user, and we are thorough in making sure we reach and inform each customer that needs to be contacted.

Medical Oversight - We are able to provide you with a medical oversight program if requested. Being in compliance with medical equipment is a serious requirement. We will take that responsibility off your shoulders by providing a Physician’s Prescription for your device(s), an EMS Notification Letter regarding placement of your AED(s), a Monthly Maintenance Checklist, email notifications on expiration dates, and when your device is used for a cardiac event, we will take care of generating the AED Usage report. Good Samaritan Laws are in place for all 50 states to protect you in case you were to be involved in litigation…but they only apply if your device has been maintained according to manufacturer guidelines.

Environmentally Conscious - We think it is important to use materials that are recycle-able as well as efficient. We've taken the time to do our research and have chosen packing materials that are the most efficient as well as most beneficial to the environment.

Correctly disposing of expired batteries is important. If you would like to, you may send your expired batteries to us and we will take care of that step for you. We contract with a local recycling company that efficiently separates a battery’s materials and prepares them for their 2nd Life.

And, one more thing about recycling - we have a trade in program that you can benefit from when you need to replace or upgrade your equipment. The money you save on trade-ins will help you out for your next equipment needs.

Please contact us with any questions. We want to be your partner in savings lives