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Equipment Service

Why Have Your Equipment Serviced With DXE Medical?

  • All Biomedical Technicians are Factory-Trained and Certified by the manufacturer of the units they work on
  • Competitive, low hourly rates
  • State-of-the-art testing equipment used to diagnose your lifesaving devices
  • Ensure that your lifesaving equipment is in perfect working order
  • Dedicated loaner units available that are tested and ready to be shipped at a moment's notice so you are not without the equipment you need

DXE Medical’s in-house biomed team, 2nd Life Biomedical maintains and repairs AEDs, defibrillators, infusion pumps, ventilators, suction pumps, EKGs, vital signs monitors and more. From minor in-house repairs on single pieces of equipment to major onsite repairs on a fleet of equipment, our certified biomed technicians can get you a free estimate on repairing your device. Our low hourly rates are the most competitive in the industry. Please call (2nd Life toll free at 855-426-3543) to let us know how we can serve you today.

2nd Life Biomedical only uses current, state-of-the-art testing equipment from Fluke and BCI to scrutinize how each parameter of your device performs. These devices are regularly calibrated and maintained according to the factory recommendations. Your tested device will include a calibration sticker attached to the device and a results sheet for your records at your request.

To protect your investment, we recommend taking advantage of a 2nd Life Biomedical Service Plan. All major manufacturers require a thorough maintenance test every 12 months by a qualified biomedical technician to ensure that the functions of the unit work properly and keep the end user in compliance.

Without a timely and comprehensive preventative maintenance program, you could be out of compliance and subject to liability.

DXE Medical, Inc. has a variety of service plans available to fit your needs including various one, three and five year contracts.