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Loaner Program

AED Loaner Program

Our Loaner Program is one more link in the partnership chain we have with each of our customers. This value-added program requires only a phone call, and is available at a minimal charge to both customers who purchased the device from us and those who did not.  If your unit has a problem, or is not passing self tests, you may send it in for one of our factory trained and certified biomedical technicians to inspect and repair. While your unit is with us, the loaner program provides you with a replacement unit.

When you rely on your equipment for your business to run, being without it is not an option. However, all things break, especially those with multiple components. Your equipment is potentially life-saving, which means a back-up is of upmost importance. 

Ideally, every EMS service, Fire Department, Hospital, Clinic, School and countless other locations would have at least one back up device for every defibrillator, AED or vital signs monitor deployed. In reality, however, this is simply not possible. Everyone is on a budget, and a loaner pool rarely makes the cut.

Our loaner program is just one example of our dedication to our customers. Our goal is not to sell you a piece of equipment, cash your check and never interact with you again. We want to be working with you in ten, twenty or fifty years into the future. And don’t take our word for it. Ask us to put you in touch with customers in your area that have worked with us for over ten years. 

Here are a few facts and details regarding Cardio Partners Loaner Program:

  • With an inventory of over 1000 devices, we are able to overnight you a replacement unit whenever necessary. Be wary of companies that say they have a loaner program, but do not have the inventory to support it. It is a hollow promise.
  • We have dedicated loaner units that are tested and ready to be shipped at a moment’s notice.
  • Overnight shipping is available.
  • We are fully insured and all coverage extends to our loaner devices. Our policy is always available upon request.
  • Cardio Partners Loaner Policy has been put to the test. We have over 19,000 customers that enjoy the program today. Many are Fire and EMS customers that subject their equipment to an enormous amount of wear and tear.
  • We are proud of our company and the products we sell. The Cardio Partners Loaner Program is designed to give peace of mind to our customers. 

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