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Equipment Repair

Medical Product Repair

DXE Medical’s joint-venture with 2nd Life Biomedical® allows DXE’s customers to benefit from labor rates that are the most competitive in the country for defibrillator and monitor repairs. From minor in-house repairs on single pieces of equipment to major onsite repairs for a fleet of equipment, 2nd Life Biomedical’s® knowledgeable, certified biomeds will quickly and economically repair your equipment, putting it back in service where it is most needed.

For repairs that qualify, repair service is free to DXE customers that purchase an extended warranty on their equipment from 2nd Life Biomedical. Call 2ndLife Biomedical at
1-855-4-2ND-LIFE (1-855-426-3543) to purchase your extended warranty from 2ndLife Biomedical today.


For information on how to help prevent future repairs and to extend the life of your equipment, see our Preventative Maintenance page