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This initial phase includes an in-depth analysis of your facility, and where the AED(s) need to be placed. Rescue-Trac will lead you through the process of selecting the optimal location and setting the program up for ongoing maintenance. Here are some of the things you can expect in the Design Phase:

Complete research and analysis of your site.
An exhaustive review of your state’s requirements for those that deploy AEDs; and determination of your city, county or township requirements, if applicable.
The design of a national policy for AED Program management, if applicable.
Creation of a checklist and schedule of milestones needed to complete the AED Program set up. This includes the training and certification of your personnel. 

This phase is necessary to put a policy in place that reduces your risk and establishes steps to ensure compliance under your state’s Good Samaritan Law.

Once this phase is complete, medical direction and authorization is granted, and a copy of the agreed upon procedures distributed to each of your locations.

Rescue-Trac makes it simple. Once you have agreed on the procedures and policies, Rescue-Trac does the rest!

Design  |  Implement  |  Maintain 

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