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Keeping your equipment up to date is the first step in saving lives.


A Single-Source Destination for

Equipment Parts and Repair

Our certified, manufacturer-trained biomed technicians are at your service. Whether you need a single device repaired or equipment services, our repair team will take action to keep your equipment up and running.

  • Manual defibrillators
  • Pumps
  • Vital sign monitors
  • And more...
  • AEDs
  • Ventilators
  • Hand-held pulse oximeters

If we sell it, we can repair it quickly to the requirements of the original manufacturer. If you have a piece of medical equipment in need of repair, call us today at 855.233.0266.

Ensure Device Readiness with

Preventative Maintenance and Calibration

A cardiac emergency is never the time to discover a broken AED or manual defibrillator. To prevent the likelihood of that happening, owners are legally responsible for inspecting and maintaining their devices. But that activity is not as easy as it sounds — beyond FDA requirements, each device manufacturer and each individual state have their own stipulations for routine device maintenance.

Subscribe to make the maintenance process simple, safe, and effective. Simply send in your device and we will perform the required diagnostics and inspections, document activities and findings, and send your device back 3-5 business days.


7-Point Inspection

AED Package


15-Point Inspection

Manual Defibrillator

Extend the Warranty

on Your Equipment

We can extend the warranty of any PMA-approved equipment--whether or not you purchased it with us. Choose from a 1, 2 or 3-year warranty that covers all preventive maintenance, parts and labor (cosmetic repairs are not included)*. Call us today to get started. 855.233.0266.

Prior to awarding a warranty contract, we inspect your equipment for any damage, Any pre-existing damage will need to be fixed before putting unit on contact.