Streamline AED Ownership with Cardio Partners' NEW Fixed Payment Solution

Streamline AED Ownership with Cardio Partners' NEW Fixed Payment Solution

When it comes to protecting the well-being of employees and customers, having an AED program in place is a critical step. However, the challenges of budgeting for an upfront investment, meeting legal regulations, and routine maintenance can be daunting tasks.

At Cardio Partners, we understand the complexities you face and have created a program to help solve your problems. Introducing our new Fixed Payment Solution, designed to combine everything needed for a complete AED program for one, low fixed payment. This program was created for companies looking to purchase or already owning ten or more AED units.

Fixed Payment Solution Key Features

Our new Fixed Payment Solution addresses three key factors businesses often struggle with when implementing and managing AED programs: compliance, streamlining the ordering process, and budget predictability and stability.


Staying up-to-date with ever-evolving state and federal legislation related to AEDs can be challenging. With our Fixed Payment Solution, you can breathe easy as we provide regular legislation updates and handle post-event processing in states that require it. Additionally, our Advanced Plan includes yearly in-person AED checks to keep your program aligned with the latest requirements.

We also assist you in maintaining accurate CPR training records to help make compliance a seamless process.

Streamlining the Ordering Process

Navigating the various components of an AED program, from selecting the right equipment to replenishing accessories, can be time-consuming. The Fixed Payment Solution automatically replenishes AED accessories prior to expiration to help ensure your equipment is always emergency ready. With our hands-on consultative approach, our experts guide you in choosing the right combination of items to fit your needs.

Budget Predictability and Stability

The Fixed Payment program removes the initial large investment involved in creating a comprehensive life-saving program. Let us take on that initial investment by offering set payment plans to allow for easy budgeting and set expectations for the duration of your program.

What are the Fixed Payment Plan Options?

To best suit every organization’s needs, we offer three payment plans at three levels: Essential, Advanced (best value), and Maintenance Only. Our plans are inclusive of different AEDs, work with your rep to determine which fits your needs best.

Essential Plan

Starting at just $35 per month per AED, this is an entry-level solution that includes all the essential items, such as the AED unit, replacement pads, replacement battery, AED rescue kit, AED cabinet, AED signage, Arch Program management, and installation.

Advanced Plan

Our best-value offering, the Advanced Plan, starts at $60 per month per AED and is based on an 8-year standard plan. This plan includes the same crucial items as the essential plan, along with annual inspections, basic bleed control kits, and training.

Maintenance Only Plan

The maintenance-only plan is designed for already established fleets needing extra support. This plan starts at $50 per month per AED and includes Arch Program Management, training, and annual inspections. We also offer the ability to enhance your plan and customize the program to your needs with the ability for additional program add on’s.

It’s time to experience the ease and peace of mind that Cardio Partner’s Fixed Payment Solution brings to your AED management. Streamline compliance, ordering, and budgeting with our innovative solution, and take the next step toward making your business heart-safe.

To determine the best Fixed Payment Plan for your organization, please visit or contact your Cardio Partners Representative today.

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